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Health benefits of Yoga & Pilates

Many doctors and physios recommend both yoga and pilates for people with bad backs, poor posture and weak core muscles, both of these disciplines are excellent for your well being, flexibility, strengthening and toning the muscles. Your stomach will become leaner and flatter with the designated exercises.

This class will have you leaving the studio feeling rejuvenated, lengthened and calm. Great for de-stressing !

Class Information
  • Suitable for all ages and for clients that would rather take a gentler class as it is generally mat based.
  • Challenging the body to suit your needs there are many alternatives/levels to the exercises from total beginners to the advanced pupil.
  • Classes every week!
Class Location

Yoga & Pilates classes are held at Preston Studios and Scutt Hall. Please see the full timetable for the class schedule.

Click here for the timetable

Class Timetable

Yoga & Pilates classes are scheduled every week, see the class timetable for more information.

Class Prices

Yoga & Pilates classes are £6.00 per session.

Yoga Pose

For More Information

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